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Welcome to Durga Puja Franken e.V

The idea of bringing together the Bengali people of Franconia together, that took shape in late 2015, culminated in the formation of Durga Puja Franken e.V. in 2016, with the first ever Durga Puja celebration taking place in the Franconian region in the same year.

Since then, along with our annual main event, we have organised and participated in multiple cultural and social events in the region, and have constantly thrived towards becoming an organization that stands for mutual cultural exchange with all who are interested in Bengal and its culture - beyond faith, religion and nationality.

This website is our endeavour in expanding our engagement with people. Browse through the contents to know more, about who we are and what we do.

Please feel free to contact us - share your thoughts, and suggestions. We aspire to offer you the best experience.


Durga Puja 2023

The biggest festival of Bengalis.

বাতাস আবার আনন্দে ভরে উঠছে। শুরু হবে পুজোর গান …

The much awaited time of the year has arrived. The Durga Puja will be celebrated this year again.

Dates: 20.10.2023 - 24.10.2023

Place: Gaisbühlstra. 4, 91056, Erlangen.

Click below for the program schedule and invitation

Stay tuned for more updates.




Vielfalt Indien 2024

Do you love photography?
Do you have pictures in your gallery which shows India, a country with its incredible diversity and many faces. 
Durga Puja Franken e.V is celebrating Vielfalt Indien 2024 in Erlangen in cooperation with Stadt Erlangen and Stadtbibliothek Erlangen.
Register and upload your pictures by 25th June 2024
Contact us:


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Bangla Blog

সৃজনশীলতা এবং ধারণার বিকাশের জন্য একটি প্ল্যাটফর্ম প্রয়োজন। আমাদের বাংলা ব্লগ স্পেস পরিদর্শন করুন এবং বাংলায় আকর্ষণীয় পোস্টে নিজেকে নিমজ্জিত করুন।

Stadtteil Fest

Treffpunkt organized this year's Stadtteilfest, Erlangen in Röthelheimpark. DPF supported the event by  volunteering to setup the stalls. We also had our own Indian Food Stall, which also turned out to be hit.
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Hindi Blog

रचनात्मकता और विचारों को फलने-फूलने के लिए एक मंच की जरूरत है। हमारे हिंदी ब्लॉग स्पेस पर जाएं और हिंदी में दिलचस्प पोस्ट के लिए खुद को विसर्जित करें।

Grüne Art

This year's "«Grüne Art» statt" event took place for the sixth time in Fröbelstraße. As the name suggests, the event revolves around the garden, art and nature. 
DPF supported the event by  volunteering to setup the stalls. We also had our own Indian Food Stall, which turned out to be hit.

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